Learn about our award winning wines

Habersham’s commitment to quality begins with careful monitoring of the grapes in our vineyard. Attention to detail continues through the crushing, fermentation and aging process. Our winemaker Rick Donley personally sees to each detail of every process. Our popular Habersham and Creekstone labels include varietal vinifera wines as well as blended wines using both vinifera and French-American grapes. With our Southern Harvest label we utitilize the distinctly Southern Muscadine grape. We also use American, French and Hungarian Oak Barrels with many of our wines.


Medium dry, intensely fruity. Wonderful casual sipping wine. As a food wine, great on picnics with ham-spicy mustard and barbequed chicken.



A blend of Vidal, 60%, and Chardonel, 40%. Crisp apple with a lemony finish and just a hint of peach and grapefruit. Great with fish and poultry in sauces.



Mostly Reisling, some Vidal and a pinch of Gewurztraminer. Nice sweet/acid balance. Serve as an aperitif or with dessert.



Non-vintage off dry blend. Our best selling red! A blend of 59% Chambourcin, 27% Syrah and 14% Vidal. Rich, ripe blackberry, blueberry. A tad bigger than some of our previous Scarletts. Great with pizza, pasta, burgers, grilled veggies, barbecue . . . you name it!


GA White Muscadine

Intensely grapey and fruity, with crisp acidity. Evokes nostalgic memories for Southerners.


Belle Blush

A sweet, fruity, Muscadine-Chambourcin blend for sipping on the patio on a summer afternoon.


Heritage Red

A sweet red wine, richly fruity, not heavy. 50+ percent Muscadine. Serve well chilled.


Peach Treat

The taste and aroma will give you the pleasant sensation of biting into a fresh peach.


2017 GA. Creekstone Chardonnay

Apple, ripe pear, honey, and a hint of oak. Rich, buttery finish with just the right acid balance. Wonderful with fish or chicken dishes. Barrel fermented in Hungarian oak. 100% malolactic.


GA. Creekstone Cabernet Sauvignon

Non-vintage with ints of black currant, orange peel, tobacco, and clove. Soft tannins and bright acidity. Hungarian barrel aged will make a great steak wine.


NV GA. Chambourcin

Big, sweet, port-like, fortified to 19.5% alcohol. Absolutely wonderful with blue veined cheeses, chocolate and walnuts. Classic dessert wine!