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2020 Winefest at Habersham Winery

We are excited to announce our 28th Annual WineFest will be taking place on Saturday, May 2nd  2020 at Habersham Winery from 12-5p. WineFest is an annual celebration of Georgia wine with ten-plus wineries from around the state and region bringing some of their favorites to celebrate. There will be live music from 12-5p, food, […]

Simple Tips For Enjoying A New Bottle of Wine At Home

So you’ve been out tasting, visiting Georgia’s wineries and found some wines that you really like. You take them home and want to incorporate this newfound “world of wine” into your “everyday world”. Rather than just opening bottles and drinking them, develop new habits that will enhance your wine drinking experience. These very simple practices […]

The Best Waterfalls Near Habersham Winery & Helen Georgia

We’re thankful for a lot of things here around the winery. We get to make (and taste test) wine for a living. We get to live and be active participants in an amazing community in Helen and the Sautee Valley. We get to pass creeks and streams on the way to work. We get to […]

Mother Nature

With the green of early summer verdantly crowding around us, it is easy to forget the weather of the winter. Drinking and enjoying wine with a friend or savoring it with dinner can be such an immediate experience. Detecting aromas, appreciating flavors and textures, admiring the color and beauty of it, we may overlook the […]

WineFest: Then and Now

On a bright, sunny Saturday, we hailed one another from across the Habersham Winery parking lot. Meeting in the middle, we shared hugs all around. Good spirits and the anticipation of time together swept us through the entry gate into WineFest. Twenty tents representing the 20 wineries of the Winegrowers Association of Georgia rimmed the […]

Georgia Wine Highway Week

Georgia Wine Highway Week is right around the corner and they just announced their schedule! They have added 5 days to this event by changing it from 2 weekends back to back to one whole week for 8 full days of Georgia wine! The event this year begins on Saturday March 25th and runs through […]

Wine 101: From Vine to Glass

You would think that the path from vine to glass would be an easy one: grape, bottle, glass. Right? Sorry, but that path is a long and winding road, as complex as wine itself. Take my hand as we travel the road of Vine to Glass. First stop. Find some land, preferably cleared. If it’s […]

What to Drink When: Wines for the Special Occasions of 2017

With the New Year’s arrival, which wines might you need on hand to be ready for 2017? If you have a large event on the calendar this year, a wedding, a birthday or a retirement, consider what the honoree(s) prefer, but don’t forget the guests. Pour a dry red that is not too big and […]

Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge Winner

The Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge has just announced their 2016 medal winners and we are proud to announce that Habersham Vineyards won 8 different medals! Our Creekstone Chambourcin and Gewürztraminer both won gold medals while our Creekstone Cabernet Sauvignon, Creekstone Chardonnay, Southern Harvest Heritage Red, and Southern Harvest White Muscadine won silvers. Our Scarlett and […]

WineFest Art Contest Announced

We are excited to announce our 2017 Artwork Contest for the 25th Annual WineFest. WineFest is happening on May 6th 2017 at Habersham Winery in Helen, Georgia and will feature more than 15 of Georgia’s finest local wineries. This year, we have an open call to artists to help us create the artwork for WineFest. The winner […]

Meet the Staff: Barbara Couillard

We believe one of the things that makes our winery so great is our team. Everyone here feels like family to us and that’s not because they’re good at their jobs. That’s part of it and they are all great at it. But the family feel comes from them being good people and because they […]

A Glass Is a Glass Is a Glass

So why do you need to care about the type of glass from which you drink wine? A water glass, a Mason jar, or even a coffee cup can do the job. Right? Well, maybe if you are on a camping trip, but if you are learning about and enjoying wine more and more, then […]

From The Farm to The Barrel: A Story of One Grape

While everyone else around town has been getting ready for Oktoberfest, we spent the month of September hard at work out on the farm and vineyard. After a month with almost a dozen harvests, we’re just about ready for a little celebrating ourselves. But first we thought we would take the time to share a little […]

Meet The Staff: Alaqua Crawford

We believe one of the things that makes our winery so great is our team. Everyone here feels like family to us and that’s not because they’re good at their jobs. That’s part of it and they’re great at it. But the family feel comes from them being good people and because they love what they do as […]

Wine 101: The Color of Wine and Where Did It Come From?

Ah, the colors of wine, a romantic idea with a world’s worth of detail behind it. There is not enough time in a glass to share all the secrets of wine colors, but a quick taste will prepare you for your next pour. Wines take their colors from the skin of the grape, sort of. […]

Wine 101: What’s the Deal With Corks?

When I opened a $15 bottle of wine recently, I was surprised to find that it was a screw cap bottle. I always approach a bottle of wine with a cord screw in hand. Why was this bottle of wine closed with a screw cap while most have corks in them? First, the closure of […]

Wine 101: Tasting, Shmasting

Tasting, shmasting. Tasting wine is just like drinking wine, right? Well, there are some differences. Tasting wine is like trying on clothes or test-driving a car. It is an opportunity to “try-out” or “try on” different wines before you buy them. Sample these “pours” of tasting knowledge to prepare yourself for your first wine tasting […]