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Habersham’s commitment to quality begins with careful monitoring of the grapes in our vineyard. Attention to detail continues through the crushing, fermentation and aging process. Our winemaker, Craig Boyd, personally sees to each detail of every process. Our popular Habersham and Creekstone labels include varietal vinifera wines as well as blended wines using both vinifera and French-American grapes. With our Southern Harvest label we utilize the distinctly Southern Muscadine grape. We also use American, French and Hungarian Oak Barrels with many of our wines.

cabernet sauvignon

Oak-aged for just under a year in older French oak barrels, it has notes of black cherries, plums, and anise with moderate tannins and a surprisingly smooth finish.



An off-dry Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc hybrid with a bright citrus flavor and subtle floral notes.



Medium-dry with aromas of strawberry, rose petals, and citrus. Excellent for casual sipping, or pair it with ham or chicken dishes.



Non-vintage, off-dry blend. Our Best selling wine! A blend of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and Seyval Blanc.



A hybrid of Gewurztraminer and Seyval Blanc with citrus and floral aromas with subtly spicy and herbaceous notes. It is well-balanced with nice acidity and a medium-length finish.



A sweet wine (4% residual sugar) with lemon and floral aromas. A blend of Aromella, Chardonel, Niagara, and Cabernet Dorè.



100% stainless steel fermentation. Hints of honeysuckle, dried apricot, and ripe apple.  Excellent wine for rich cream sauces.



Medium bodied, light berry tones, and crisp minerality.  Pairs well with peppercorn crusted meats and chocolate desserts.



A delightful blend of Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, and Niagara. Crisp apple with a lemony finish and just a hint of peach and grapefruit. Great with fish and poultry.


Winemaker’s Experiment 21-01 (Coming Soon)

Our winemaker’s numbered release based upon inventory and new ideas. This limited edition is a playful, high-octane blend of Muscadine and Lomanto at 19%.


bubbly blush

A blend of White Muscadine and Chambourcin with a zip of carbonation to bring out its fruitiness.

$18  $15

Bubbly Peach

Sweet peach and Muscadine bring together two classic Georgia fruits.

$18  $16

Belle Blush

A sweet, fruity, Muscadine, Chambourcin, and Niagara blend. Great for sipping on the patio or porch.


GA White Muscadine

Intensely grapey and fruity, with crisp acidity. Evokes nostalgic memories for Southerners.


Heritage Red

A sweet red wine, richly fruity, not heavy. 50% Muscadine and 50% Chambourcin. Serve well chilled.


bubbly heritage red

A sweet red wine, richly fruity, not heavy. 50% Muscadine, 50% Chambourcin. Serve well chilled.

$18  $15

bubbly white

A unique twist on our White Muscadine. Great for parties, celebrations, or simply sipping on the porch.

$18  $16


Sweet, jammy, and bold. It Invokes childhood memories of grape jelly with its soda-pop aroma and flavor.


Granny’s Arbor

Rich with the aroma and taste of blackberries. A sweet blend of mostly Chambourcin is sure to excite your palate.


Peach Treat

Muscadine wine with peaches added to it. The taste and aroma will give you the pleasant sensation of biting into a fresh peach.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Oak-aged with hints of dried fruit and tobacco with soft tannins and bright acidity. A great steak wine.



Our best reds create our take on a Bordeaux blend. Wonderful color from our Syrah and Petit Verdot. Cabernet and Chambourcin bring depth with a balanced, off-dry finish.



Bold, sweet, and jammy, this port-style wine is fortified to 19.5% alcohol and is absolutely wonderful with blue vein cheeses, chocolate, and walnuts. Classic dessert wine!


Chambourcin – Barrel Aged (Coming SOon)

Our Chambourcin aged in a Rye whiskey barrel.



A classic Chardonnay. Slight hints of apricot and butterscotch with an oaky finish. 100% malolactic fermentation.


Chateau White

A sweet white (4.0% residual sugar) with aromas of fresh strawberries and red cherries and a long, smoother finish. Made with 100% Chambourcin.


Chateau Red

A light-bodied, sweet red (4.0% residual sugar) with aromas of fresh strawberries and red cherries and a long, smooth finish. Made with 100% Chambourcin.



Blackberry and plum lead to a rich finish. Soft, mouth-filling tannins are the perfect companion to a big, juicy steak.


Petit Verdot

This very dark wine has aromas of black cherries, cocoa powder, and cherry cola. Our most full-bodied wine, it has an above average-tannin level. Very limited production, which means it won’t last long!


pinot gris

Zesty white wine with cantaloupe and lemon. Great with white meat and seafood.


Sauvignon blanc

Medium acidity brings forward hints of lime and green apple with a mild herbaceous finish.



Full-bodied with a front of candied blueberry and a lingering pepper spice. Great color and mouthfeel.



Dry white with aromatic notes of honeysuckle and peaches.


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