Tasting, shmasting. Tasting wine is just like drinking wine, right?

Well, there are some differences. Tasting wine is like trying on clothes or test-driving a car. It is an opportunity to “try-out” or “try on” different wines before you buy them. Sample these “pours” of tasting knowledge to prepare yourself for your first wine tasting experience.

See: When you visit a tasting room, people will be standing at a bar or at tables drinking wine. The atmosphere is relaxed and social. Live music and food options are sometimes offered. You will be given a glass for tasting and a list of the wines available for tasting and the cost.

Swirl: Talk to the server and your fellow tasters. The enjoyment of wine is often enhanced by sharing it with others. You will be amazed at what you can learn and the friends you will make.

Sniff: Go ahead and tell the server that you are new to wine tasting. You may as well get over your nervousness and enjoy the experience. If your server is worth his or her corkscrew, the server will coach you through it, sharing with you the Seeing, Swirling, Sniffing, Sipping and Savoring of wine tasting.

Sip: Taste less rather than more. Your palate – your taste buds – will thank you for not over whelming it with more than 4 or 5 wines.

Savor: A taste, or pour, of wine is only an ounce or so. This is normal. From that pour of wine, take 2 to 3 sips. It takes your mouth and taste buds that many tastes to hear what the wine is saying.

Final Notes:

  • If you would like more than a taste of wine, remember that you may always buy a glass or bottle.
  • If you are with a group, be patient with your friends and the server. The server will most likely try to keep the group together by serving everyone altogether.
  • If you don’t like the wine, dump or spit it into the dump bucket. Don’t worry. Dumping and spitting are acceptable behaviors at a tasting room.
  • The Habersham Vineyards & Winery tasting room in Helen, GA is open every day and welcomes wine tasters of all levels of experience. We invite you to visit us to taste, enjoy and buy our Georgia grown wines. We have been making and serving wine since 1983 and look forward to sharing them with you.