We believe one of the things that makes our winery so great is our team. Everyone here feels like family to us and that’s not because they’re good at their jobs. That’s part of it and they’re great at it. But the family feel comes from them being good people and because they love what they do as much as we do. We have team members who work on the vineyard and farm. Team members who keep our accounting nice and tidy. Team members who take care of you when you come in for a tasting. Team members who handle bottling and packaging. The list goes on and on and we can’t wait to let you meet some of the people who help make Habersham Winery such a special place to us.

First up is Alaqua Crawford. You may recognize Alaqua as she was the artist we chose for all of our 2016 WineFest artwork. She’s a talented artist and a huge asset to our team with all the fun scientific stuff that goes into making wine. Check out our short Q&A with Alaqua below.


Habersham Winery: What is your job here at the winery?
Alaqua: I work as the Assistant Winemaker.

HW: How long have you been working at the winery?
Alaqua: It will be a year this October.

HW: What is your favorite part about working here?
Alaqua: I think my favorite part is spending time in the lab doing tests on the wine. I enjoy testing the alcohol content, which uses an instrument called an Ebulliometer. It utilizes the correlation of the boiling point of water and the boiling point of the wine to determine the percentage of alcohol.

HW: What is your favorite thing about living in North Georgia?
Alaqua: It’s definitely difficult to choose just one thing, so my top three would have to be: the gorgeous scenery, the unpredictable weather, and the relaxed pace of life.

HW: Where is your favorite place to eat? To shop?
Alaqua: I really enjoy eating at Big Daddy’s in Helen; they have great food and an excellent assortment of beer. My most favorite place to blow money would have to be The Artful Barn in Clarkesville, which sells a wide range of good quality art supplies.

HW: On your day off, where you most likely to be?
Alaqua: I would most likely be deep in the woods somewhere with my dogs and my camera, or enjoying some time at home either painting or reading.

Next time you’re in the winery, be sure to peak your head in the back and wave to Alaqua!


  1. Michaela Bell

    Alaqua is a special soul. I’ve known her for quite some time now. I appreciate her as an artist and an amazing friend.