You would think that the path from vine to glass would be an easy one: grape, bottle, glass. Right? Sorry, but that path is a long and winding road, as complex as wine itself. Take my hand as we travel the road of Vine to Glass. First stop. Find some land, preferably cleared. If it’s […]

So why do you need to care about the type of glass from which you drink wine? A water glass, a Mason jar, or even a coffee cup can do the job. Right? Well, maybe if you are on a camping trip, but if you are learning about and enjoying wine more and more, then […]

Tasting, shmasting. Tasting wine is just like drinking wine, right? Well, there are some differences. Tasting wine is like trying on clothes or test-driving a car. It is an opportunity to “try-out” or “try on” different wines before you buy them. Sample these “pours” of tasting knowledge to prepare yourself for your first wine tasting […]