So you’ve been out tasting, visiting Georgia’s wineries and found some wines that you really like. You take them home and want to incorporate this newfound “world of wine” into your “everyday world”. Rather than just opening bottles and drinking them, develop new habits that will enhance your wine drinking experience. These very simple practices […]

16 Jun

With the green of early summer verdantly crowding around us, it is easy to forget the weather of the winter. Drinking and enjoying wine with a friend or savoring it with dinner can be such an immediate experience. Detecting aromas, appreciating flavors and textures, admiring the color and beauty of it, we may overlook the […]

The Georgia Trustees Wine Challenge has just announced their 2016 medal winners and we are proud to announce that Habersham Vineyards won 8 different medals! Our Creekstone Chambourcin and Gewürztraminer both won gold medals while our Creekstone Cabernet Sauvignon, Creekstone Chardonnay, Southern Harvest Heritage Red, and Southern Harvest White Muscadine won silvers. Our Scarlett and […]